About Us

 A Leader In Hospitality Management Where The Focus Is On Your Hotel...Our company is recognized for its ability to successfully improve a property's bottom line through stringent P&L controls and standards. While paying attention to each and every line-item thereby ensuring generous bottom-line flows, we keep our guests and the need to maintain the highest standards of service, cleanliness and ambience as the NUMBER 1 priority; realizing that without our mutual guests the other goals cannot be achieved. The ownership perspective of maximizing top-line revenue without sacrificing earnings is deeply entrenched in our corporate culture. T. R. Management will achieve this goal for your hospitality investment.  We are a sales and marketing driven, performance-based, goal-oriented organization, where a passionate, competent and focused team is given the tools, guidance and techniques to make results happen. Based in Ormond Beach, Florida, we operate hotels across the United States, with an emphasis on the Southeast.